Please keep checking dates as could be altered due to Rugby/football


                                  PROPOSED 2024 dates           

                          Friday 12th January Cancelled due to football

                          Sunday 4th February at Active+ 2pm - 8pm

                          Friday 16th February  DAVE WEST

                          Friday 22nd March FRED BENSON                                                                                                                     

                          Friday 19th April ROMAN

                          Sunday 5th May at Active+

                          Friday 24th May TONY HATFIELD

                          Friday June NO EVENT

                          Sunday 7th July at Active+ Tony Hatfield

                          Friday 19th July GEOFF BUCKLEY

                          Friday 23rd August GREG GOWLAR

                          Sunday 1st September at Active+ Ginger Taylor

                          Friday 20th September ANDY HILL

                          Friday 18th October JOHN KANE

                          Friday 22nd November NEIL RUSHTON

                          Sunday 8th December at Active+

                          Friday 27th December                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



OPENING TIMES 7:45PM - 1.00AM  - NO ENTRY AFTER 10:30PM BY ORDER OF New Walton Club